Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: We don’t encourage any kind of use of psychedelic drugs in a non-therapeutic setting, or in any country where those substances are illegal.

Q: What is Hallucinogenics?
A: Hallucinogenics is a psychedelic-themed CNFT micro-series. AI generated. 

Q: What is the Hallucinogenics policy ID?
A: 89160b10465ca81fa8ec6f6ea3fec74fa52037d1f80728ceffda9964

A: S00 series: 2dcbc8d531d5a900c967b96ea2acc66912b160ea9de776f505aed543

Q: When will be the first series released?
A: 30th of December 9 pm UTC time.

Q: Why Cardano?
A: Because Cardano has a great NFT community, and also this is a side project of Cardano Psychedelic Pool – PSYA.

Q: How many series will be released?
A: There is no exact plan for the number of the series yet. This project is in a very early stage. Let’s see how the first mint goes. 

Q: Is DMT Machine Elves the first series?
A: Yes, of this kind. There was the same project called Hallucinogenics, but using different AI algorithms, those NFTs were “airdropped” to delegates of Cardano Psychedelic Pool PsyADA [PSYA] – Both projects are verified on marketplace. 

Q: Are the NFTs generated by Artificial Intelligence?
A: Yes, all of them are generated by AI and manually curated. 

Q: Is there any planned utility for those NFTs 
A: At the moment there is nothing like that planned, this is supposed to be a pure art project only. But we would love to spread awareness about psychedelics as a treatment for mental health disorders. 

Q: Is there any roadmap?
A: There is no roadmap at the moment, we just love to make and spread some psychedelic AI art into the Cardano Community.

Q: Is there any other than the art purpose of the drop?
A: We would like to raise higher awareness of the use of psychedelics for therapeutic and medical purposes by sharing some research articles on each drop’s page.

Q: How can I get a discount?
A: If you are staking your wallet to Psychedelic Pool – PSYA, then you will be whitelisted to buy max. 5 NFTs for a discounted price (see the drop page and click the right button). The whitelist date was for delegations before 30th of December. 

Q: How many NFTs are available?
A: There are only 108 NFTs in the Series 1.